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Hiring an Exterminator: What to Know

Hiring an Exterminator: What to Know - So, you have a pest problem…now what? Maybe you’ve already tried the store-bought products but they just haven’t worked. Or perhaps you’ve tried setting traps but those critters keep evading your elaborate set-ups. Now it’s time to call in a professional. Hiring the right exterminator is key, so here [...]

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A Homeowner’s Guide to Moles

Movies like the cartoon "Thumbelina" portray moles as blind creatures that only live underground and hoard treasures. However, these yard pests aren't often depicted correctly in films. If you've ever had problems with moles in your yard, then you know exactly how destructive these pests can be. But if you've never encountered a mole on [...]

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End-of-Summer Pests: Yellow Jackets

Some of the worst pests only show their faces in the summer, like mosquitoes. But fall is still a prime time for pests-and some pests even become more aggressive at the end of summer and into fall, such as yellow jackets. This fall, don't forget to continue protecting your property from this pesky nuisance. How [...]

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Not So Itsy-Bitsy Spider? Identify Spiders in Your Home

As a child, you may have sung the "Itsy-Bitsy Spider" over and over again. Perhaps you used your hands to mimic the spider as it climbed up the waterspout. But as an adult, you might not find spiders as cute as they once were. Those eight legs and beady eyes are enough to send shivers [...]

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7 Ways to Keep Your Picnic Pest-Free

You and your family can't get enough of the summer sunshine. You've already gone swimming, hiking, biking, camping, and more in celebration of the glorious weather. And the next item on your summer checklist is to have a picnic. But last year's picnic was a disaster. The ants snuck into your sandwiches. The wasps hovered [...]

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